PCT movie

June 16, 2012

I will be showing the movie of my walk on the PCT,  on June 30  , 1 PM ,  at Homestead ( 2301 Folsom / 19 st ) .

You can see the trailer  at :


Hope to see you there .




PCT 2010 Oregon / Washington

January 19, 2011

You can watch it here:

Untitled Untitled

Involves david durandet.

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PCT 2010 California slideshow

December 30, 2010

You can watch it here:

Frog on the trail . PCT 2010 California Frog on the trail . PCT 2010 California

Involves david durandet.

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Finie , Finie , Finie .

October 3, 2010

The Journey is finish …………
I crossed the border on Friday , October 1 , at 10.30AM.
When I got to the border I had to seat at the wood marker , and it took me 1/2 hour to start to realize what was happening . This was the end of the trail ….. CANADA .
I did celebrate the crossing with some other hikers , who were there at  the border , and , went on to walk for 8 more miles to the first road crossing  in CANADA .
Got to Manning Park in mid afternoon where I meet Nancy who came to welcome me in Canada . 
We are at Vancouver for the week-end and we will take the train on Tuesday to SF .
Will see you all soon and I will for sure be  at the pub on Friday ……….Who’s going to cut the barb ?

Blue skies and the end in View!!!

September 30, 2010

David posing on the trail...David is in Northern Washington and has had no signal. He had a trail friend going in to town call to give us an update. David is well and in great spirits. The end is near; the end of the trail, that is!  The weather has turned to clear blue skies with little or no rain and the fall colors are at their peak.

He is on track to arrive at the finish line by tomorrow sometime…. Woo Woo!!

Some photos to enjoy…

Our hairy frog!


14 hikers stayed at a trail angel's home in Skykomish.. here is their gear drying in the sun.

Before the blue skies, there was rain.

The PCT 2600 mile "Get in Shape" plan - wish I had a before picture to show you how Fidget's physique has changed over these 5 months. Fabulous!!

Raffle reminder

September 23, 2010

To keep raising money for the kids at Claire Lilienthal School –  www.clairelilienthal.org  – I would like to open a Raffle .

Can you guess the day and the time I will be crossing the Canadian border ?
$10 for each guess . The closest bet will get 1/2 of the money and I will give the second half to the School.
The raffle will run until Sept 26.

Please use the PayPay link at “Give to the Frog on the trail…” on the right of the blog to place your bets.

Good luck!


September 23, 2010

GPS :N 47 46 477
W 121 29 180

Got to Skykomish on Tuesday night and I have to say I was glad to get there . Since I got in to Washington , 15 days , we had 12 days of RAIN and 3 days of SUN . Everything was wet and  heavy to carry on my back . The last 2 weeks we never got a chance to dry …….things start to seriously smell . But we got to town and this is what  matters . We were able to dry all the gear during the day .
I do not like much the state of Washington. That could be the RAIN , the fatigue of my  body or the  fact that the trail got  very hard to walk  again . Washington is a constant change of elevation . Everyday we change from 6ooo ft to 4000 ft (few time a day ) and some time to 3000 ft . Not much scenic views like  California .
The past 2 weeks have  been the most difficult thing I ever did mentally . I often tell myself  , WHY  do I get myself  in this walk ?  But every night in the tent my thought do change and after a warm meal I get positive again .
I’m getting very close to the end , 180 ml ,  and this is what get me going for now .

Hope you well and I will see you all sooooooooon .
Love you all.

Valley view , WA

Valley view , WA

Great fall color

Mt Rainier

Great view , WA , but very cold ( mid 40 )

Up and Down, Up and Down

September 20, 2010

David Voice Message – He walked Oregon alone but has now hooked back up with some fellow hikers:

“We keep moving along. It’s been nice the last couple of days but the trail is much tougher than in Oregon. There is so much change in elevation.. up and down, up and down all the time. Hopefully the weather is going to stay like this for a while [no rain]… Say Hi to everybody”

GPS Update from White Pass, WA on Monday, 9/13/10:
N 46 38.367
W 121 23.310

The Frog is in Washington – one more border to go!!!!!

September 16, 2010

David crossed over into Washington State on Tuesday. He is now walking with his buddy RifRaf and two other hikers. They are moving fast to get finished with the walk in order to beat the cold September/October weather in Washington.

IT has been cold there for him.. the terrain is more difficult than Oregon – lots more altitude, so “up and down, up and down”  

More info and photo’s to post shortly but check out David.  FROG OR GRIZZLY BEAR??

And, just for fun:

August -> 




Cascade Locks

September 6, 2010

I got to Cascade Locks on Sunday 6 PM . That is the end of Oregon State ……. Can’t believe it . Only one more State to go. Only 550 miles to go . Oregon went so fast . It as been very pleasant state to walk but not as scenic as Cal . Most of the time you are in the woods and you can see only trees ……and lakes . The rare views you get of the valley , or the mountains , like the three Sisters and Mount Hood are memorable . This is overall a beautiful State.
Tomorrow after resupply I will start Washington . Looking forward to that and looking to get on the trail . Washington look more difficult than Oregon . Another opportunity for me to get more great pictures as well .

Will get you posted of the journey soon . Love you all , and thanks for reading the blog .